Rereading: FREDDY PLAYS FOOTBALL by Walter R. Brooks

The sixteenth book in the Freddy series has football as one of the main subjects, a sport I have no interest in, but I knew the author would make it funny and entertaining all the same, and he did.

A new problem as arrived at the Bean Farm, in the person of Aaron Doty, the brother of Mrs. Bean, who she hasn’t seen since childhood. Or so he claims. Doty is a clever storyteller, and an entertaining speaker, but he’s hoping to collect his half of Mrs. Bean’s family inheritance, money the Beans don’t really have handy, and that makes Freddy suspicious. He begins detective work to find out more about the man, soon connecting him to frequent opponent Mr. Garble, but proof he isn’t really Mrs. Bean’s brother is hard to come by.

Meanwhile, Freddy gets drafted onto the Centerboro High School football team, becoming a school attendee to make him eligible. Freddy can’t throw or run with the ball, but he’s very effective as a tackle, and the team needs help against a rival team that includes players clearly much too old and strong to be high schoolers. For a while, Centerboro does well, until their rival decides to add their own animal team members.

The only way Freddy can think of to keep the Beans from handing over money they must borrow to pay Mr. Doty is to steal it himself, and Freddy is soon once again on the lam, and how can he help the football team then?

Great fun, recommended.

Freddy Plays Football by Walter R Brooks

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