Rereading: FREDDY RIDES AGAIN by Walter R. Brooks

Perhaps feeling he had more to say on the subject, Brooks continues with the themes of the previous book, Freddy the Cowboy. Freddy’s new friend, Cy the cow pony, who taught him to ride, now gives lessons to other animals on the Bean Farm in this eighteenth book in the series. This time trouble comes from a new rich banker and his family who have moved into a neighboring farm. Mr. Margarine, his wife, and his son Billy are avid fox hunters, and while they’re no match for John, the local fox, they create havoc for the farmers, including Mr. Bean, by riding through crops and farmyards with their hounds. When Freddy tries to stop him, Margarine’s hot temper leads to a vendetta against Freddy that puts him in danger of being shot. Even help from his friends on the farm and in town can’t keep Freddy and Cy safe from the angry Margarine, whose free hand with cash allows him to get away with a lot of bad behavior. What can they do to stop him?

As always, funny, wise, exciting adventures that are entertaining and recommended.

Freddy Rides Again by Walter R Brooks

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