Rereading: FREDDY THE MAGICIAN by Walter R. Brooks

In the fourteenth book of the Freddy the Pig series about the talking animals of the Bean Farm, Freddy meets perhaps his most difficult enemy so far. Freddy attends a show by stage magician Senior Zingo, a new hire of the Boomschmidt Circus, and is inspired to learn magic himself. He gets help from Zingo’s former white rabbit assistant Presto, but that help turns out to be intended to spoil his reputation. When Freddy puts on his own magic show in Centerboro, Zingo shows up to ruin it with help from Presto, and Zingo is also causing trouble for the Bean farm, Mr. Boomschmidt (whose money he’s stolen}, and the hotel owner where he’s staying. Freddy and his animal and insect friends have quite a time trying to outsmart the clever magician. Can they ever get rid of him and get back what he’s stolen? You can be sure the attempts will include adventure, thrills, and humor.


Freddy the Magician by Walter R Brooks

One thought on “Rereading: FREDDY THE MAGICIAN by Walter R. Brooks

  1. Harry McCracken

    I have been listening to Freddy the Detective in an excellent audiobook version that’s available—along with many or maybe all of the Freddy books–at no additional cost to Audible subscribers. I’ve known about the series since I was a kid but somehow never read any of them. This one’s just wonderful and I plan to continue catching up on them.

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