With this seventh title in the Freddy the Pig series by Walter R. Brooks, the titles settled into the final pattern of always beginning with the word Freddy, and he and his best friend Jinx the Cat are usually front and center in each adventure.

When Freddy and Jinx visit Freddy’s cousin Ernest at a nearby farm, they meet his son, young Weedly, who is very shy and timid, but Weedly and Jinx take a shine to each other, and Jinx agrees to take the young pig back to the Bean Farm, where they live, vowing to strengthen his character. Continuing from the previous book, Freddy the Politician, the Beans are away in Europe, and the animals have taken on all the farm work themselves, but suddenly a new problem arises. Mr. Bean’s Aunt Effie and her husband have arrived for a visit. Not discouraged by the closed up house, they’ve found a way in and are planning to stay for a while. Effie has a quest, she wants to find the silver teapot given to Mr. Bean by a deceased relative they share, which Effie believes should be rightfully hers. She won’t go home until she’s found it. Further, she and her husband don’t believe the stories they’ve heard about the farm’s capable talking animals, or that they even talk, and decide to take up running the farm themselves.

Meanwhile, Jinx has a plan to help Weedly gain some courage. He goes around to all his animal friends on the farm to tell them about it, and later, when Weedly is introduced around, everyone seems quite afraid of him. That does perk up the young pig, but perhaps too much!

Great fun. This in one of the few Freddy books I could never find, and I only read it when it was republished in 2002 by the Overlook Press, who produced beautiful hardcover facsimiles of the series. All the Freddy books can be read separately, but this one continues right on from the previous book in many ways. Recommended.

Freddy’s Cousin Weedly by Walter R Brooks

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