Rereading: I WILL ADVENTURE by Elizabeth Janet Gray

Like Gray’s better known book “Adam of the Road,” this is a story of medieval England, taking place in the year 1596. The illustrations are nicely done, but not as good as those by Robert Lawson in “Adam.”

Andrew Talbot is the youngest son in a large family living in the county of Kent in southeastern Britain. He can’t seem to behave and do what everyone else wants, and longs for adventure. The opportunity comes when a visiting uncle invites Andrew to come to his home in London to be his page. Andrew is thrilled at the chance, and his family supports the decision, but on the way, at a stop in Canterbury, Andrew falls under the spell of a performance given by a traveling company of “Romeo and Juliet” by one of the company’s own cast, William Shakespeare. Andrew’s new desire is to become an actor, and he meets Shakespeare in hopes of getting his help, but the playwright thinks he should stick to his promise and become a page. When Andrew gets to his uncle’s home in London, he finds he isn’t really needed or wanted, and has a miserable time made worse by his own temper and practical jokes that misfire. an a visit to see Shakespeare’s newest play change his fortunes, or must he run away home defeated?

Well written, historical accuracy and fine characters made this worth reading. Recommended.

I Will Adventure by Elizabeth Janet Gray

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