Rereading: ME AND THE END OF THE WORLD by William Corbin

Cover illustration by Jan Palmer

It’s December 1927, and thirteen-year-old Tim is enjoying life in his small Iowa town, looking forward to sledding and ice skating season to begin, but something is worrying him. All the papers are full of news that predictions by religious scholars say the world will come to a sudden end next May. Tim isn’t sure he believes it, some of his friends scoff, but his own mother is on the convinced side. Tim begins to think about things he’d like to accomplish before May, just in case. Things he needs to get sorted, like standing up to Dunk, who’s been bullying him for months. Like apologizing to their neighbor, Mr. Weinstock. Like kissing Judy Felton, who hardly knows he exists. There isn’t a lot of time.

Corbin is an excellent writer, and this is a fine book. Recommended.

Me And The End Of The World by William Corbin

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