Rereading: PONY FOR KEEPS by William Corbin

I am not the target audience for books like this, a story of an orphan girl who falls in love with a neighbor’s pony, but I’ve yet to come across a book by William Corbin that wasn’t well-written, and this is no exception.

Katherine Louisa, known as Katty Lou, has come to a new foster family in rural Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. Kirby. Mr. Kirby is quiet and friendly, Mrs. Kirby is opinionated, talks constantly, and has nothing good to say about the March family across the road and their horse business. She forbids Katty Lou to ever go there. But the lure of horses is strong, and the girl soon finds herself disobeying that order regularly, first hiding to watch the three March men and their horses, riding instruction, and horse training. When she’s discovered by the youngest, Homer March, she’s terribly frightened, but gradually he gentles her just as he does horses, through kindness and command. Katty Lou is full of self-hatred and low self esteem, but through her love of the foal she saw born one morning, Tipsy, and the friendship of Homer, she begins to come out of her shell. At least until Mrs. Kirby finds out. Then Katty Lou is threatened with a return to the orphanage, and all seems lost. Homer March has a plan for her, though, that will make her wildest dreams come true, or possibly wreck them forever.

Recommended, I also love the art.

Pony For Keeps by William Corbin

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