Rereading: TALES OF THREE HEMISPHERES by Lord Dunsany

I never saw the original 1919 version of this book, but the 1976 version from Olswick Press with illustrations by Tim Kirk is a delight. There’s a forward by H. P. Lovecraft not from the original book, but written separately as a general Dunsany overview and first published in 1944. One story here, “Idle Days on the Yann” is reprinted from another Dunsany collection because of the two sequels that follow it. Those three stories are among the best in the book, and very much in the Dunsanian fantasy realm of his early collections. The other stories have their moments, but tend to be shorter and are a mix of contemporary themes and travel stories along with some fantasy. The illustrations by Kirk really improve the reading experience, all except the cover are black and white line art. They are in the spirit but not so much the style of early Dunsany illustrator Sidney Sime, and full of charm. Recommended.

Tales of Three Hemispheres by Lord Dunsany

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