Rereading: THE LONESOME SORREL by Keith Robertson

Cliff Barry’s family is moving from Philadelphia to a small town in New Jersey near Trenton, and he’s not happy about it. He’s just reached the age where he can travel around the city on his own and enjoy sporting events, movies, and time with his friends. His desire is to buy a motorcycle, when he can afford it. New Jersey will cut him off from all that, but there’s a surprise waiting for him in the barn on the grounds of the new home: a horse sent as a gift from his uncle. Cliff has no interest in horses, and would rather ride a motorcycle, but his new next-door neighbor, Addy, is a horse lover, and she agrees to take care of Cinnamon for him. The horse is large and impressive, and curiously, seems quite interested in Cliff, who looks a lot like his former owner, while remaining bored by the attentions of others.

Cliff soon encounters the town bully, Everett Steele, who is also a rider, and who sees Cinnamon as a possible rival in a local cross-country race he always enters and has won twice. Everett tricks his way into riding Cinnamon, and mistreats him, and that leads to a fight between the boys. Their rivalry causes Cliff to rethink his ideas about riding, and he begins learning and training so he can compete in the race, and hopefully beat Everett to the winner’s cup. Cinnamon, at first puzzled by Cliff’s attitude, becomes a happy and willing partner in his new plans, but can they both learn enough to succeed against the veteran competitor and his bag of nasty tricks?

Well written, great characters, clever plot, recommended.

The Lonesome Sorrel by Keith Robertson

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