Rereading: THE PINTO DEER by Keith Robertson

In this 1956 novel, Robertson returns to the characters and setting of his Outlaws of the Sourland. This time teenager John Michelson is stalking a rare pinto deer in the Sourland Mountain area, trying to capture it for a private zoo. He’s also helping a new neighbors Mrs. Atkinson and her daughter Billy explore the woods and area. Mrs. Atkinson is drawing and painting ferns for a book about them, and Billy enjoys the outdoors. They also have another reason for being there which is gradually revealed.

John is also troubled by deer poachers who are active in the area, but very hard to catch, and he helps the local game warden with that when he can. One subject of his scrutiny is a reclusive man known as One-Ear Pete who he sees also stalking the pinto deer, and tracking it becomes something of a competition between them. But is Pete going to kill the deer, or is he involved with the poachers? The answers to these and many other mysteries gradually unfold in this engaging story. John gets help from Billy, who is one of Robertson’s innocent females masking a devious intelligence, and also his dog Wolf, the puppy he rescued as the only survivor of the wild dog pack in the previous book.

Recommended if you can find it.

The Pinto Deer by Keith Robertson

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