Rereading: THE SHY STEGOSAURUS OF CRICKET CREEK by Evelyn Sibley Lampman

If you can suspend your disbelief enough to accept a living stegosaurus dinosaur who has somehow survived for millions of years in dry eastern Oregon, and can also speak fluent English, this is a fun story that I enjoyed as a child, and enjoyed reading again.

Twins Joan and Joey Brown live with their mother in the run-down farm they inherited from their uncle. They moved there from the city, thinking they could support themselves by raising crops and having chickens, but the area is so dry, crops don’t do well, and most of the chickens have been taken by coyotes. A professor looking for dinosaur bones is staying with them, and his board helps some, and the twins are ready to help him when needed, such as bringing him his lunch when he forgets. On one such trip, a rattler is about to strike when it’s suddenly squashed by a large dinosaur foot. That’s how they meet the talking dinosaur they name George, who claims his very small brain makes it hard for him to understand many of the things they tell him, but who is very adept at self-preservation. George becomes their friend, and eventually helps them in several ways, especially when a small plane out of fuel brings two strange men to the farm, and Joey suspects one of them is a thief after their meager savings.

Fun story with exciting events and appealing characters. Recommended.

The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek by Evelyn Sibley Lampman

2 thoughts on “Rereading: THE SHY STEGOSAURUS OF CRICKET CREEK by Evelyn Sibley Lampman

  1. Patrick O'Neill

    I remember reading this at about the age of 10. You may be the only other person I know who is familiar with it.

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