Rereading: TICKTOCK AND JIM, DEPUTY SHERIFFS by Keith Robertson

Cover and illustrations by Everett Stahl

A sequel to Ticktock and Jim, about a boy and his western horse in middle America in the late 1940s. Jim and Ticktock have a delivery business and a strong friendship. In this book, Jim has a new neighbor, Larry, who moved from the city to the small country town of Springdale. Larry has been ill, and his grandparents think country life will help him regain his strength. Friendship with Jim and Ticktock helps, and soon the boys are on the trail of possible freight hijackers. Playing detective, the pair soon get into serious trouble when they’re caught by the hijackers, and Ticktock is carried away in one of their trucks to be disposed of. But readers can expect the smart, brave horse might have other ideas, even when one of the hijackers wants to shoot him.

Great fun, exciting and full of surprising events and great characters in this second of Robertson’s many fine books for young readers. Recommended.

Ticktock and Jim Deputy Sheriffs by Keith Robertson

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