San Diego Bound July 18-21

Having been nominated for an Eisner Award for best lettering again this year, I am heading to that massive crowd scene and amazing exhibition called Comic-Con International in San Diego, California once again. I head out early Thursday and will be there Thursday afternoon through Sunday, if air travel goes as planned. While there’s plenty to see, for me it’s most importantly a time to see friends and work-mates from over the last 40-plus years, and to enjoy the company of kindred souls in the comics business. Yes, there’s plenty of non-comics stuff there, too, but we can pass by much of that. It’s such a wide-ranging event that you can find the con you’re looking for, it just may take some extra walking.

I hope to blog from the con as I usually do. Above is a photo from my last visit in 2017. I will only have my phone camera this time, as I’m planning on traveling light, but that’s good enough to capture my own con. I will probably be posting on Facebook too, so if you’re following me either on my personal page or my “Todd Klein, artist” page, I should have some images there.

If you’re going, and you see me, do say hello! I know there will be people I’d like to see that I’ll miss (125 thousand attendees per day after all), and some I wasn’t expecting to see that I will. At least I hope so. I know I’ll be exhausted by each afternoon and evening, but I’m sure I’ll have a great time. I always do.

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