San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Sunday

Photos © Todd Klein.

Last day of the con, and fewer pictures than usual, but still not much time to comment, as I’m heading for dinner soon.

In the morning I attended two panels. The first was a Spotlight Panel for legendary comics artist Angelo Torres, above right with Charles Kochman. Torres began working at EC Comics in the 1950s, and had a long and varied career at several other companies and particularly Mad Magazine.

The other panel focused on inking. Here are artists Mark Schultz and Filipino legend Rudy Nebres.

Back in the Exhibit Hall, this shop selling carved wood objects caught my eye.

So did this Cthulhu shop, but not in as positive a way. I love the original Lovecraft stories, and have enjoyed some modern works that refer to it like LOCKE & KEY, but it’s becoming a fad thing now, and way overdone.

Childrens’ book parodies like this are mildly amusing for a moment, but ultimately weaken and dilute the Lovecraft concepts. Yes, I can just avoid them, and I will, but I kind of wish they would stop doing them.

I met up with J.H. Williams III and his wife Wendy mid afternoon, and we spent the last few hours of the con together. I introduced them to some of my artist friends, and vice versa. Here are Joyce Chin and Arthur Adams.

David Petersen, creator of MOUSE GUARD, with his wife Julia.

I think I’ve missed out a good image of Steve Leialoha, FABLES inker, so here’s one.

Finally, artist Chris Schweizer asked to have his picture taken with me, and I reciprocated, giving me the chance to prove I actually was there.

Dinner shortly with some friends, and I’ll be flying home tomorrow. Hope you’ve enjoyed these reports. I’ll be back to regular blogging soon.


One thought on “San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Sunday

  1. Rip Jagger

    Thanks so much for these great photos. I have never been to the great Con, nor do I expect ever to do so, and so I greatly appreciate these glimpses of the event.

    Thanks again!
    Rip Off

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