San Diego Prep

Getting ready for this year’s biggest con, where I’ll be for the 19th consecutive year. I’ll be arriving Thursday afternoon, staying through Sunday, going home Monday. As usual, I won’t be at a table or booth, just wandering around. My primary activity is chatting up friends and workmates, but I’ll also do a bit of shopping, take pictures for my blog reports, and appear on the FABLES panel Saturday evening. I’m hoping to have daily blogs from the con. I usually write them up in the morning before going to the convention center for the day. This year I have an iPhone and am on Facebook, so I might drop a few pics on there beforehand.

So, the most important preparation is getting caught up with work. On Wednesday I received the last two books I needed to letter before the con, as far as I know. I finished THE UNWRITTEN 28 yesterday, and half of FABLES 108 today. I’ll complete that over the weekend, along with a logo job. There will be corrections to do next week as well, I’m sure, and probably at least one frantic last-minute thing of some kind.

Other prep work: I’ve broken in a new pair of walking shoes. I’ve gathered all my reservations, dinner invites, plane tickets, hotel info, and other paperwork. I’ve gotten my plastic bag of liquid toiletries ready. (Such a pain!) Had my hair cut. Made sure all my clothes needed for the trip are clean. I’m not bringing any signed prints this year. I had some last year, and sold a few, but have decided it’s not worth carrying around that extra weight. So, if you want them, order them from my website.

Looking forward to the con. It’s always exhausting, but I wouldn’t miss it!

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