Sand Carving

Sunday was the final day at the beach for us this year, and the second day we shared with my friend Tim and his son Gabe. Once again Tim and I spent a few hours working with sand, this time doing geometrical carvings rather than a castle. We began by constructing a three-legged arch by building up three towers, then joining them in the center over an upside-down sand bucket held in place with a large sand shovel. This seemed tricky at the time, but worked quite well. The result, uncarved, is above. Oh, and all the photos in this post are by Tim and Gabe.

Tim took over the shaping and refining of the arch, using the plastering tools we both like.

Meanwhile I worked on a second structure, a triangular pyramid, which began as a large pile of well-packed wet sand, added to with pancakes of wetter sand for height, then carved away to get the pyramid shape.

Here’s a view of the arch in a much refined shape. Tim has added facets or edges that remind me a bit of the arch in Saint Louis.

Having finished the outside of the pyramid, I carved triangular openings in each side and carefully joined them, creating this giant open A shape. Gabe added a large sand ball in the center, to set it off nicely.

After I finished, I realized I had unconsciously come very close to an old logo symbol I had designed for the budding line of ABC comics, which was not used:

That one was a pyramid with a square base, and had the A crossbar, but is otherwise much the same.

Alas, the arch proved a superior structure. Here’s the finished arch, and behind it the remains of the pyramid, which collapsed after about an hour. Too much weight at the top, I guess, and not as strong a shape. At least we got good pictures, which is all you can ask of a sand structure, really. A fun end to the season.

2 thoughts on “Sand Carving

  1. Manuel

    Amazing work. I didn’t get to the beach this year, but you make me wish to go right now and start building.

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