Sand Sculpting Season


It began early this year. We don’t often go for a day at the beach at all before July 4th weekend, but my friend Tim and his son Gabe came for an early visit yesterday, and the weather, for once, was good, so off to the beach we went. Tim, Gabe and I usually spend about two thirds of our time there doing some sort of sand sculpture. This year we began with a large mound of sand, and each of us worked on a separate part of it. Gabe is constructing towers of sand balls, one of his favorite subjects. Tim made a carved-out cliff and filled it with small monuments, and a very odd figure in front. I did a village of small houses at the top.


Here’s a better look at my village. A passerby asked if it was meant to be the Amalfi coast of Italy, and I agreed that sounded good!


Someone else thought Tim’s figure looked a bit like Michael Jackson. We didn’t quite see it, but Tim added some seaweed hair, and I contributed a crab claw for a white glove. Rest in peace, MJ.


On Sunday we had a little less time and a little less ambition, so we just did some large monuments. Tim’s was the best, three arches. A rising tide soon knocked down the two lower ones, though. Gabe did a large sand ball, and I made a tall obelisk or three-stage tower.


Later, when Gabe had successfully fended off the tide and it was receding again, Tim added a triangular base for the sand ball. Earlier, Gabe had built another tower of sand balls, perhaps a new record of seven high, but I didn’t get a picture before it crashed.

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  1. Shawn

    Hey Todd —

    Your friend’s son might be interested in the old Japanese art of hikaru dorodango — the creation of polished balls of dirt that look like smooth stones. There’s a nice description at — it’s a fun thing to do!

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