Sand Sculpting with Friends


It’s been a few years since my friend Tim and his son Gabe were able to visit us in the summer. When they do, we always create some unusual sand sculptures, and that’s what happened this past weekend. Tim had some new sand sculpting tools,  WillySpheres, which do but one thing: make large spherical shapes, and we used them for our carvings.SayAh

My effort was fairly small, but I had fun with it. After making an ovoid with one of the tools, I carved an opening that suggested a mouth to me, and this is what I ended up with.


Tim’s next stage was to carve circles into his sphere at regular intervals. Some of his many tools are at right, including an earlier version of a sphere maker created from an old vinyl record album, and a caliper made from a pair of wooden paint stirrers. As you can see, Tim is serious about this stuff!


Next to Tim’s sphere, Gabe and I did this low-level construction.


Group photo with Ellen showing more of Tim’s many tools. Of course, we also enjoyed the beach in other ways; swimming, having a picnic lunch, and so on.


After more work, Tim’s sculpture looked like this, with added Teletubby.


Tim’s plan was based on a Buckminster Fuller design called “Fly’s Eye Dome,” and he managed to get this far carving out the center before the top collapsed. We thought it looked great.


On Sunday the WillySpheres were in use again on a much taller and larger carving, with most of the work done by Gabe and Tim, though I helped a little.


It sort of became a hill of bubbles rising from the beach, with a tower of spheres atop it.


Gabe added the sphere tower, at one point achieving five-high, though the top one didn’t stay up long. Tim did the carved part of the spheres.


Here’s the finished sculpture as the waves were moving in around it. We don’t know what it is, but we enjoyed building it!

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