Sand Sculptures 2019

My friend Tim and his son Gabe were here the last three days for our annual beach visits and sand sculpting adventures. (You can find previous ones under the “Sand Sculpture” topic in the right menu of this blog.)

Tim was emulating the work of sand sculpture wizard Calvin Siebert on Saturday with this block structure. My tower, behind it, is nothing much, and was damaged by a wayward flying umbrella, so is hardly worth focusing on.

On one side of Tim’s sculpture he found a way to make this lattice pattern that we both liked.

Gabe made this large cutaway sphere, like the diagrams of what’s inside the earth, sort of.

Later in the day we enjoyed watching our work washed away by the incoming tide. By that time, Tim’s had become much smaller and simpler, with a hole in it.

On Sunday I made this rocket. Not terrible straight, but I thought it worked well enough. I wanted to get a point on the shaft, but couldn’t do it, so I put a triangle made separately on the top.

Tim did another Siebert-inspired structure that reminded us of the game Jenga.

Tim has found or developed all kinds of sculpting tools over the years, some are on the left in this picture, including tool boxes and trays of small ones.

A more finished version of Tim’s sculpture.

On Monday Tim suggested we try to make block letters out of sand. He came up with these.

Mine were smaller, horizontal and surrounded by a graphic which I thought came out rather well.

Tim is headed home today, so that’s it for this year!

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