Sand, Sea, Sky


Ellen’s sister Ann, nephew Zach and other family members were visiting this past week. The beach weather was fine until yesterday, and they were there every day. I joined them several afternoons. Friday Ellen, Ann and Zach made this sand castle, the best one on the beach that day.


I added this small collection of geometric shapes that Ann decided was the castle’s sculpture garden.


Hurricane Bill is offshore, and by Friday was creating enough rip currents and high waves to keep bathers out of the water above their knees. By Saturday there was no swimming allowed on area beaches. Luckily the water and waves had been fine earlier in the week. Here on the New Jersey coast we are in a weather stand-off between the hurricane and a stormy cold front, each holding the other off, with a small ridge of sunny high pressure between.


Standing on the promenade in Sea Isle City yesterday afternoon, the sunny but very humid air had a strange, pregnant feeling. Looking west over town you could see the cold front and it’s thunderheads, giving areas just a dozen miles west of us a good dousing of rain. To the east, heavy mist was blowing off the high waves sent in by the hurricane, though that remained out of sight. It’ll all resolve itself today, I expect.

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  1. Ann

    We had a great time on the beach and we worked hard on that sand castle. We highly recommend the Klein B&B. Our hosts are always very attentive and the meals are great. Thanks again.

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