8 thoughts on “Santa and the Doodle-li-boop

  1. bordentowntony

    Thank you. that was one of my faves from my late father’s 78 collection,along with Barry Gordon’s “Nuttin’ for Christmas”. Found the Aet Carney version earlier today, enough said.

  2. bordentowntony

    I meant Art Carney. Was it Jimmy Boyd of “Thumbellina” fame singing “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”?, No Comparison!

  3. Holly

    What I wouldn’t give to have this song on vinyl. My cousins and I would play this song over and over on Christmas Eve for years. We drove the adults absolutely crazy. One year as my grandmother unpacked her Christmas decorations, she found the record was missing. We all still blame my uncle, although no proof was ever found. I did, however, find it a few years ago on a CD and purchased it for myself and all my cousins.

  4. Bill

    I too had one the same as or similar to the 45 pictured here but I think we had the Art Carney version.
    the guys voice was really low and gruff.
    Me and my sister would play it over and over every xmas.
    Where can I get it?

  5. Alan Abel

    As the author of “Santa and the Doodle-li-boop” with Art Carney it can be found on a CD issued by Sony Records with other Christmas songs. Sony bought Columbia Records, so the original version (c 1954) has been preserved. If anyone finds this link, I would appreciate knowing (abelalan2000@yahoo.com). I understand 500,000 copies of the 78 rpm were sold in the early 50’s. Station WNEW in New York City played it around the clock, daily a month before Christmas in 1954. Their contest was for listeners to describe a “Doodle-li-boop” and send any amount of money for the Childrens Aid Society. There were hundreds of submissions and thousands of dollars for the charity. New Yorkers were charmed and many annoyed by the constant air plays. In fact I was in a dentist’s chair with mouth filled with cotton and he began to sing the song! He had no idea it was mine and I couldn’t talk. The radio contest ended when a panel of notables, hosted by Marilyn Monroe, selected a sketch of a “Doodle-li-boop” that resembled a milk bottle with a face and feet. Macy’s and Gimbel’s were deluged by customers seeking what they thought was a new toy. But none existed. And so it goes.

  6. Justin Welling

    I have this on 78 RPM with Art Carney performing, and it has a picture sleeve in red and green with Arts face in the O of “Boop”. The doodle li boop is OK, but his rendition of “Twas the night before christmas” is stellar!

    See my vids of this record on Youtube:


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