Savannah, Part 2

We’re having a great time in Savannah, GA, staying in the lower floor of this charming Victorian home near Forsyth Park.

Saturday morning we went to an open-air market nearby and bought some things for dinner.

Then we went into Forsyth Park to enjoy this event, where hundreds of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) students were decorating the sidewalk with their art.

Each student could apply for a space, usually one square of pavement, though some students teamed up to make larger pictures. The assigned squares were numbered, and each student was given a box of large chalks in many colors.

The starting time was 11 AM, and as we walked around, the artists were beginning their creations. There were two basic techniques: drawing directly with the chalk, and grinding some chalk into powder and mixing it with water in a cup, then painting it on with brushes. The latter gave more control, but took longer.

Here are some early examples using mostly drawing.

More work in progress. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, including the artists and lots of observers. There were vendors for food and drink, and very loud music.

One of the beautiful homes next to Forsyth Park. After some viewing, we took a break and visited Forsyth House, a SCAD building housing Alumni Atelier. These are graduate students given a studio and living space for some weeks. Each works with a company or client to create work furthering their own career, as well as working with undergraduate students. We enjoyed talking with the Forsyth House residents and seeing their work.

Then we walked up into the historic district and had lunch at The Six Pence, a British-style pub.

We enjoyed walking through some of the park-like squares on Bull Street again.

In mid-afternoon we were back in Forsyth Park to enjoy many of the finished chalk paintings.

There were efforts at all levels of competence and appeal, here are some I particularly liked.

There were a number of suggested themes, including pro-SCAD ones like this, utilizing the school symbols of the bee and acorn.

Perhaps the best drawn effort I saw.

Here’s the one awarded “Best Of Show,” beautifully done.

School president and co-founder Paula Wallace was represented in some pieces.

A nice example of a team effort. SCAD is all about teamwork.

Perhaps the best of several famous art copies we enjoyed.

Saturday evening we had a wonderful time at the SCAD theater on Broughton where Alumni awards were given. One of the winners and keynote speaker, Jesse Hildreth (Visual Effects 2008) showed us some of his fascinating digital lighting work for films, including “Rogue One, a Star Wars Story,” and “The Jungle Book,” nominee and winner of this year’s Oscar Award for Visual Effects. Then we all enjoyed a showing of “Rogue One” in 3D, and saw many of the shots he’d worked on and talked about. A fantastic evening!

More when I have time.

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  1. Clem Robins

    after spending six weeks in Charleston this past winter, i’m beginning to wonder why any of us live north of the Mason Dixon line.

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