Savannah Part 3

My final report, last two full days in Savannah. Sunday morning, Dave, Ann and Ellen decided to attend Mass in Savannah’s Catholic Cathedral, St. John the Baptist. I opted to walk around outside instead, but got this photo of the outside. We regrouped at the Book Lady Bookstore, where we found a few things we wanted, then had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant.

The aged brick and lush plants add charm to Savannah everywhere you look.

One of many historic homes on the squares in Savannah.

After lunch we walked to the SCAD bookstore/art supplies shop, Ex Libris, where we found a few more things to take home.

We had another brief look into the SCAD Museum of Art, then walked back through more of the squares we hadn’t seen yet, with lots of rest breaks.

Another beautiful day to observe the Spanish Moss.

More of the many charming homes on the side streets.

Whitewashed brick and wrought iron.

There are many touring vehicles, the most charming being the horse-drawn carriages.

Without the huge Live Oak trees everywhere, the sun would be much more trying.

When I knew we were coming to Savannah, I let Tom Lyle know. Tom is a Facebook friend, and he teaches Sequential Art at SCAD. We worked together on a few issues of BATMAN. Tom wanted to get together, and also asked if I would speak to his students. I’m not fond of being in the spotlight, but I agreed, as long as it was informal: questions and answers mainly, and I brought some work on my laptop to show and talk about. Poor Tom, he’d been at a comics convention in Canada over the weekend, and missed his connecting flight home, so he was stuck in Dallas on Monday. Two other professors, David Duncan and John Lowe took his place and I did talk to the class as planned. Several other classes came in as well, so there were about 50 students there. The students were great, asked excellent questions, and were fun to speak with.

We looked at some of my work and talked about it as well, with my laptop projected on a large TV screen. SCAD is very up on all things digital for artists. I think everyone had a good time.

Many students thanked me, and one, George (originally from China) asked for an autograph and photo. Ann got a photo at the same time.  After talking to the larger group, we joined David Duncan’s class for another hour as well, talking about comics history. Then we all went to lunch at Gryphon, the SCAD tea and lunch room across from the welcome center. We were joined by Dean Anthony Fisher as well. Excellent food and more enjoyable talk rounded out our SCAD experience. I’m glad I was able to connect with the staff and students there. Ellen’s nephew Zack was able to catch part of the classroom talk, too. Tom, sorry we missed you, maybe next time!

Later we walked around some more, including through Colonial Park Cemetery, where many of the Savannah famous are buried.

Though many of the stones are too weathered and stained to read, I liked this one from the 1700’s.

We’ll have dinner out this evening and head home tomorrow morning. It’s been a great trip, and we have gathered many memories we will cherish.

One thought on “Savannah Part 3

  1. Tom Lyle

    Believe it or not … according to David Duncan you had EIGHTY students in that classroom with you.

    And, yes, I’m very sad to have missed meeting you in person.
    Some time soon!

    Safe travels home. May you not spend a night in a hotel away from home that was unexpected.

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