SDCC 2015 Thursday


San Diego Comic-Con was already bustling when I arrived on the con floor a little before 10 AM. It only got more crowded through the day. Once Thursday was considered a light day for attendance, but now it’s busy every day, and usually filled to capacity. Even with a huge event hall, the aisles soon fill.


Here’s a vendor I thought I’d never see, Arkham Bazaar, selling only H.P. Lovecraft-inspired items. Old H.P. would be mighty puzzled by this development, I bet.


The Century Guild’s booth seemed smaller this year, but with beautiful Art Nouveau work on display, as always.


I was happy to find Steve Leialoha in his usual spot, and here showing an advance copy of FABLES 150, which we’re all proud of, due out soon.


Had a good chat with Chris Staros about his merging Top Shelf with IDW. He seems happier and more relaxed, with less weight on his shoulders financially, and feels it’s a great deal for both publishers. I suggested Top Shelf would fill a role at IDW similar to Vertigo at DC, and he agreed that’s what they’re thinking.


At Neal Adams’ booth I spotted him enjoying talking to artist Russ Heath, two solid pros discussing their careers.


Here’s long-time Judge Dredd artist Carlos Esquerra doing a sketch for a fan at the 2000 AD booth.

FlashCostumeIn the DC booth, glass cases held costumes from many of the current DC-based TV shows. Here’s the Flash costume, a show I enjoy watching, with the Golden-age Flash’s helmet tossed into this year’s final episode as a teaser.

KevinNowlanI was happy to see and talk to Kevin Nowlan, one of this year’s guests.


Here’s Dave Elliott and some of the books he publishes, Dave and I worked together for several years, and he’s perhaps best known for his A1 anthologies, but these all look good.

HenrikAs usual, I ran into super-fan Henrik Andreasen pretty early on Thursday, out getting things signed in Artist’s Alley. In the backpack are Thursday’s books for signing.


I was attracted by this Green Goblin Silicone mask, more for the logo I designed really, but it’s well done.


Here’s someone trying on their Hulk mask. Looks good, but of course the face doesn’t move realistically.


Always good to talk to my old friend Scott Hampton, I’ll have breakfast with him one day at the con.


Great to see Marv Wolfman at the show, nearly completely recovered from his broken hip last year. Here he’s posing with a woman dressed as his Marvel creation The Black Cat, with her first cover appearance as a poster. Danny Fingeroth and some spider guy as well.


Going up the front escalator to the panel rooms, the classic “through the wormhole” view.


Looking down from upstairs at the main intersection in front of the con center, bustling as well.


Sat in on a panel where several artists talked about the elements they combined and crafted on one or two pages of their comics, and particularly enjoyed hearing old friend Scott McCloud talk about his SCULPTOR.


Another area upstairs, “Under the Sails,” includes a section for portfolio reviews. Here’s someone waiting for one from Disney. It’s hard to get your work in front of  publishers or companies these days, and this is a great opportunity.


At a panel discussing Inkers, Letterers and Colorists, letterers Dave Lanphear and  Joshua Reed did a fine job on that subject, even with such a small amount of time to cover it.


Talked with Dave afterwards, looking snappy in a dark shirt and tie.


Outside it was another gorgeous San Diego day, as so many are, and I sat and had some snacks while I watched the passing pageant of costumes and fans.

The big panel today for me was the Vertigo Announcement one, where editor Shelly Bond and a dozen creators announced a massive fall launch of 12 new titles, five of which I’m lettering. People have been asking what I’m working on, and I couldn’t give specifics, but now that these are announced I can. I’m working on RED THORN, ART OPS, NEW ROMANCER, CLEAN ROOM and will soon be working on LUCIFER, as well as a few other projects for DC, not to mention ones for Marvel and Dark Horse that aren’t announced yet, so I’m keeping busy! Hope the big publicity push and relaunch of Vertigo goes well, the ones I’m on are all excellent, in my opinion, and I’m looking forward to reading many of the others.


Friday evening I joined Andrew Pepoy’s group for dinner at a good Greek restaurant. Here are John Lustig, Brian Apthorp, myself, Andrew, and two model friends of his, Ludella and Minnie. Good conversation with everyone, even though it got very noisy in there.

Have to get on to today’s activities, more tomorrow!

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