SDCC2010 Friday Part 1

Back in my room for a late afternoon break before going out again to dinner and the Eisner Awards. I’ve got half an hour to post, so I’ll begin Friday now, and put the rest up tomorrow morning. I took the Con shuttle bus down from my hotel today, saving my feet for the miles I’d be walking later. A bit slow, but it gets you there fine.

Before that I had breakfast this morning with pal Scott Hampton (right) and some of his artist friends, something I try to do every year. At left is Chris Moeller, then John Van Fleet. Next to Scott is a gentleman from ASFA gallery whose name I don’t recall, not at breakfast, but Dave Dorman and a few others were. One topic of conversation was how to set up a foolproof system to assassinate people, so I’m calling this Murderer’s Row. Can’t reveal the details of the plan because…you know.

Walking the Exhibit Hall I found the Abrams booth where Brian Fies was signing his WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW? graphic novel, which looks like a lot of fun. Editor and former work collaborator Charlie Kochman kindly gave me this copy, which I look forward to reading. It’s nominated for two awards tonight.

Speaking of awards, here’s one of sorts I received this morning that has to be the most unexpected and unlikely one ever for me. The Guinness Book of World Records gave me this handsome certificate recognizing me for “The most Eisner Comic Award wins in one category, 15, in the Best Letterer/Lettering category from 1993 to 2008.” I’ve known about this for some time, but, to me, the Guinness Book is about feats of strength, endurance and great effort. I associate it with sports, though of course they cover all kinds of other things, too. This year they have a two-page spread about comics.

Here’s the spread, including a title block in the upper left corner I did for them. I’m honored, but more than anything I keep thinking, “Me in Guinness? That’s just too weird.” My nephew Zach who gets it every year should be impressed. When I get home I’ll scan the certificate and put it on the awards page of my website.

As I was passing the Marvel booth, with the big Odin throne, I witnessed a Fan Foto Frenzy. See, people can get their picture taken on the throne, they wait in line for it (more about lines shortly), but at this moment, a group of 15 models dressed as Slave Leia from “Star Wars” were being photographed there instead (they came over from the Lucas Film booth), and a heaving sea of testosterone-charged fanboys of all ages suddenly crowded the stage, digital cameras and cell phone cameras raised high like Bic lighters at a rock concert, clicking away in awe.

Here’s a slightly better look at the scene. Okay, I took a few photos, too, but I did not, I say I did not raise my camera over my head to get a better angle.

Over in Artist’s Alley I got my photo taken with veteran top inker at Marvel, Tom Palmer, here in San Diego for the first time, and having a hard time processing the event. I did some work for Tom directly a few years ago, not comics, and we had a brief but good chat.

At the next table was Steve Rude and his family. He posed with his daughter in front of the Supergirl painting from his workshop the day before, unfortunately I didn’t get a good angle on it, sorry. Steve and I talked a bit, too.

I only got to one panel today, an hour of questions and answers with Grant Morrison, which was entertaining and informative. You can find video of the panel on the Newsarama site if you’re interested. I don’t think I’ve heard Grant talk solo before, and he does that quite eloquently, if a bit hard to follow at times because of his Glaswegian accent. Quite funny, honest and warm. Later he was signing at the DC booth.

Here’s Larry Hama, someone I haven’t seen for at least 25 years (we were on staff at DC together briefly), promoting his newly written book for Archaia, THE DEVIL’S HANDSHAKE, which looks like pulpy fun.

If you like old movie posters, they’re here too, piles of them. These are all reproductions, I think, but still fun to look through.

Here’s the artist Michael Zulli, who I’ve worked with a number of times, but only met in person once, again about 25 years ago. Great to see and talk with him, he has a wonderful-looking new book coming out, and some beautiful art prints as well.

Okay that’s it for now, more tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “SDCC2010 Friday Part 1

  1. RAB

    Congratulations on the Guinness recognition! Over the years I’ve done my bit to defray their operating expenses (a pint at a time, but it adds up) so I’m glad to see that was money well spent.

  2. FlorisfromHolland

    Mr. Klein, congratulations on your certificate. What a nice surprise! Have a nice time at Comicon and take care of yourself. Enjoying the blogs thoroughly.
    Greetings with windmills and tulips; Floris

  3. dj_convoy

    Now, on books you letter, it should read “Lettered by Guiness Recordholder Todd Klein!” :)

  4. Henrik Andreasen

    That is Allen Spiegel himself in the photo. Once again congrats on the Guinness record!

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