SDCC2010 Sunday

As I went into the convention center this morning, I took a picture of this banner plane that’s been circling over the con every day since I got here. Now there’s a person who didn’t get to see much of it!

Sunday is usually when the lack of sleep catches up with me, and this one was no different. I was dragging around the con in the morning, looking for things I might like to buy, and not finding much, which is probably just as well. There are always things I’m amazed to see here, though, and this is a good example:

This is the first of six pages of layouts for the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon, drawn by Ub Iwerks, and representing the earliest known Mickey art. How these were discovered I didn’t learn, but it’s very cool to see them. They were at the booth of Neatstuff Collectibles, and Christopher Denis, representing the owner, told me they’re on the market for 1.5 million. Just a bit out of my price range… Very cool to see them, still!

At the Top Shelf booth I was able to meet and chat with Stuart and Kathryn Immonen, who I’ve worked with, here beside Top Shelf’s Christ Staros, left. Stuart is a fellow birder, and he told me they’d been out around the area looking at some, which I wish I’d had time to do!

In the afternoon I went to another Evanier panel on Comics Covers, with Neal Adams, Dave Dorman and Sean Phillips. Each had good points to make about what constitutes a good cover, with Neal comparing earlier times with now, and each spoke about some covers of theirs Mark put up on the screen. One interesting thing I learned is that Sean Phillips designs the logos for many of his projects.

Back on the convention floor, here are my two favorite costumes of the day.

I found Thom Zahler’s booth and bought the second LOVE AND CAPES trade paperback from him. It’s a funny superhero situation comedy he writes and draws, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

At the DC booth, Dave Gibbons was drawing a quick sketch for a young fan. We had a few minutes to chat before he had to go, always good to see Dave.

I also got to meet Phil Noto, who recently did a great short story for HOUSE OF MYSTERY that I enjoyed lettering.

The show was almost over, but I snuck into the last part of one more panel, the annual Fans Vs. Pros trivia contest, hosted by Peter David in the Galactus paper hat I’d been seeing all over the con. For some reason it looks particularly graphic and impressive in this low-light photo, and it made Peter’s jokes all the funnier.

The Pro team including Len Wein and Kurt Busiek didn’t fare well, losing to the Fan team, but I have to say the questions were ridiculously hard. I didn’t know any of the ones I was there for, and I’ve read a few comics. Apparently Mark Waid, a previous Pros team member who seems to know all this trivia, was greatly missed.

One more nice shot from upstairs at the convention center looking toward the Gaslamp District, as the crowds began to stream out of the building. The Con is over, but I still have a dinner with some friends to look forward to this evening, and perhaps some time at a party, if I’m not too tired. I’ll be heading home tomorrow, it’s been fun, but I’m ready.

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