SDCCI 2011 Friday Part 2

This will be a short entry for two reasons. First, I don’t have any photos…I did bring my camera, but good photo ops never happened, or I forgot to take any. Second, I was out late last night and slept in a bit, so I have to get over  to the con.

The Eisner awards were long, as always, but a little less long this year. They had a TV producer running it, and some of the speeches and applause moments were cut out or down this year, so it went just a bit over three hours.

I won my 16th Best Lettering Eisner, something I truly wasn’t expecting. I mean, everyone knows I’ve already won a lot of them, and while I was happy to be nominated again, I thought for sure someone else would win. Therefore, I had nothing prepared to say, and my thank-you’s were brief. Come on, people, do I really need more awards? Seriously, I do appreciate it, and feel very lucky for the support from fans and pros alike. Unfortunately most of the people nominated for things I worked on did not win, I’m sorry about that, but I did think the winners I’ve read were all deserving. I won’t try to list winners here, you can find that elsewhere, but I was very happy to see Patrick McDonnell win the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award for all his charity work for animals and animal rights groups. Of the hosts and presenters, they saved the best for last: Dave Gibbons and Jonathan Ross. Ross was hilarious, and Dave held his own quite well! I got to meet several folks I hadn’t met yet, including Joe Hill (very briefly), and talk to other folks I hadn’t found yet this year, and it was a good evening.

After I walked over to Trickster with friends Dave Gibbons and Henrik Andreasen (Denmark’s überfan who knows everyone) to hear Mike Allred’s band “The Gear,” playing in the bar. They were pretty good, in a punkish vein, so not really my style, and a bit too loud for me. Trickster is interesting, a combination bar and comics shop run by comics creator Scott Morse. Behind the bar is a shop holding mostly comics in book form, small press comics, art books and artwork. A nice collection, and worth a visit if you’re here. I guess it’s a year-round shop, not sure. I left after about 40 minutes and headed back to my hotel, where I hit the pillow around 1 AM.

Okay, back to the con I go, I’ll report on Saturday next time.

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