SDCCI 2011 Sunday

Woke up this morning with that tired dragged-out feeling that means the con is almost over, and just as well. After breakfast with the guys I went over to the Convention Center to the DC booth and joined some of the FABLES crew for an hour of signing. That was great, it’s always fun to meet our fans and sign things for them.

Then I walked through the Marvel booth, where this giant Avengers logo caught my eye, promoting the next big Marvel film. I don’t know who designed this logo, which is the best-known one from the comics, but may find out whenever I get around to doing a logo study on the group.

For the first time in several years I actually saw someone at the Marvel booth who I work with, writer Jonathan Hickman, and was able to meet him briefly. He writes the S.H.I.E.L.D. series I’m lettering for Marvel that is quite good, I think.

Passing the Archaia booth I said hi to Janet Lee and Jim McCann, busy signing their Eisner-winning book, RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN. And look, they’re signing on the bookplate page which I designed with open space for just that purpose. Nice when those things work out.

BBC America had promotions for the new Dr. Who series in a few places around the Exhibit Hall, this large Tardis being one of them. I wondered why it was so large until one of the booth workers came out of it with boxes of product for the rest of the booth. Must be quite handy to have a storage space that’s larger on the inside. Hmm, hope the Daleks don’t find out…

It was time for lunch, and I was thinking of going outside for some, but I stopped to talk to Scott Hampton, and he suggested we go to the mysterious DC Comics Green Room, where those in the know can acquire free food. He invited me along, and I thought it sounded like a good idea. We each chose a tasty lunch box, mine with a healthy veggie wrap, as well as chips and a brownie, and there were plenty of beverage choices as well. We each had a few good conversations while eating our lunch, and I snapped this picture through the window overlooking the con floor.

Scott headed back to his table, and I decided it was time for some fresh air, and went outside for a walk.

Walking around the side of the Con Center to the back, I found this interesting. All around the center there are these patterns in the concrete block walls, and the groundskeepers have ivy growing on them. This is a new batch just starting…

…and here’s a nearly complete section. They trim out some of the recessed diamonds, making a very attractive natural decoration. Wonder how many con-goers ever notice it?

Here’s the back of the Con Center, or at least some of it, with pleasant lawns and sidewalks.

Then you can walk farther into the Embarcadero park extending out past the marina into the harbor.

The park is lovely, with grassy lawns, benches, and exotic trees, this one in improbable bloom.

Along the water’s edge are rocky breakwaters with a few birds like this Heerman’s Gull. There’s a fishing pier, and picnic tables where some locals were enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

Part of the park holds the outdoor concert stage for the San Diego Symphony’s Summer Pops concerts. Some years back I heard film composer Elmer Bernstein conduct music from a few of his films here, great fun.

Out on the water people were enjoying a harbor tour.

And perhaps even more fun, sailing in the refreshing ocean breeze.

I sat out there for a while enjoying the atmosphere, and there were a few other adventurous folks with Con badges around. A good way to keep things in perspective. Then I went back inside for about an hour. I found DC editor Shelly Bond manning the Vertigo table alone, so I sat and talked to her for a while, as well as a few other folks. Said goodbye to friends that came by.

Finally around 3 PM I decided it was time to leave the con for the last time. I was tired of it, and getting back to my hotel for a nap sounded like a good idea. Just as well, the Daleks were showing up. You know the con is over when that happens.

This evening I’ll have a relaxing dinner with some friends, a good way to wind down, and I have a party invite if I feel up to it, or I may just come back and pack. I’ll be leaving early tomorrow for the flight home. Hope you’ve enjoyed these reports, I’ll be back to blogging in a few days.

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  1. Carl Rigney

    I’d never go to SDCC but I greatly enjoy your photos and description of it, so thanks for taking the time to post them.

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