There have been several Batman newspaper strips since the character was created in 1939. None lasted nearly as long as the Superman strip. The first ran from 1943 to 1946, and much of the run was lettered by Ira Schnapp, as with the Superman strip. In fact, Ira started on the Batman one a few […]

Ira Schnapp’s DC Ads: 1968

This was Ira’s final year at DC Comics, and his ad output was much reduced. New policies from Editorial Director Carmine Infantino, including the shift of house ad and cover lettering from Ira to Gaspar Saladino, are now in evidence, and their places were essentially switched, with Ira doing just 21 new ads, and Gaspar […]

Ira Schnapp’s DC Ads: 1967 Part 1

1967 was the final full year of employment at DC Comics for Ira Schnapp. At some point in 1968 his staff job was terminated. I don’t know when that happened, exactly how it happened, or whose decision it was, but Carmine Infantino is likely to be the person who gave Ira the news. Here’s what […]

Ira Schnapp’s DC Ads: 1959 Part 1

In 1959, DC house ads in general and Ira Schnapp’s work on them took a large jump upward. I don’t know the reason for this…a change in thinking by management? Fewer paid ads? Feedback from fans? Whatever the reason, there were a lot more house ads. I’ll have to see exactly how many more as […]