Searching for Spring

As you can see, Leo and Tigger are determined not to miss it. In addition to watching from my studio TV, they’re spending more time on the screened porch as the weather warms.

Out in the yard I was surprised once again, as I have been the last few years, by our one surviving crocus in beautiful bloom, and there was a sleeping bee there too, perhaps waiting for the sun to warm him up.

Our little pond has been neglected over the winter, filling up with leaves and algae, so I spent a half hour yesterday getting as much out as I could with our pool scoop.

Afterward the water was stirred up and muddy, but most of the debris was out. I let the water settle overnight…

…and this morning started up the pump that creates the small waterfall and aerates the water. I saw our one big goldfish swimming around earlier, so he survived the winter just fine, though stayed in hiding when I was out there. Haven’t seen any frogs yet. Last year’s might have moved out before the ice and snow froze the pond, or they might still be hibernating in the mud at the bottom. We’ll see.

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