See you in Baltimore?

I’ll be a guest at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con, Sept. 22-24. I’ll have a table where I’ll be selling my prints and perhaps other things, and I’ll be attending the inaugural ‘Ringo Awards as a nominee. That’s all I have planned so far. John Workman and his wife Cathy will be there, and several other letterers, so perhaps a lettering panel will be arranged, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

If you’re going and would be willing to help out at my table, I have openings on Saturday and Sunday for volunteers. I will be by myself, so I’m looking for someone to cover the table for perhaps an hour or two total, watch my stuff, perhaps make sales, allowing me to take some breaks. I can offer you some prints and lunch money as payment. You’d be welcome to hang out at the table as much as you like when I am there. Email me if you’re interested. Baltimore is a fun show, and one that focuses on comics rather than other kinds of popular entertainment. Hope to see some of you there!

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