September Sand Sculptures

EarlySculpturePhotos by Todd Klein except as noted.

My friend Tim, his son Gabe, and Gabe’s girlfriend Bethina were here this Labor Day weekend for their annual shore visit, and we had fun both here at our house and at the beach, though Saturday was very windy, so not so pleasant conditions at the shore. We managed this group effort sculpture on Saturday, though the wind was pushing the waves much higher up on the beach than usual. We began at what is usually the high tide line, and by mid-afternoon had to move our stuff back another 40 feet.



Photos by Calvin Seibert of his work.

Tim had recently discovered the fabulous sand sculptures of Calvin Seibert, and that was our inspiration this weekend. Tim had passed on THIS LINK to lots of Calvin’s incredible work, which is mostly abstract and architectural, and amazingly precise. Needless to say, we didn’t get close what he’s doing, but we had fun trying.


Back to our Saturday sculpture, Tim did the topper, Gabe, above, worked on one side, and I on the other, that’s mine at right. The waves were lapping at our heels.

InWaterAnd then we had to retreat for a while for our lunch break. Some of the sculpture went down, but most of it survived. In the background, we’ve never seen the beach at Stone Harbor that narrow.

After the tide receded, Tim went back to work, adding a large sphere and more to the work.

LaterSculptureHere’s the latest picture I got before we left for the day.

LeoInBagBack home we had some good meals, and each evening played one of Tim’s collection of obscure board games. Leo loved the bag the games were in! One night we played “Kill Doctor Lucky,” the other it was “Elfenland.” Both fun.

Obelisks1On Sunday the beach was less windy and more as we like it. I’d pretty much decided the precise shapes and corners, and the smooth surfaces of Calvin Seibert were beyond me, so I made this collection of obelisks, a form we had been discussing.

Obelisks2We were wary of the tide, but it stayed in its usual range today, so our work was not swamped.

Obelisks3The obelisks were fun, and I did pick up the crumbled sand base from Seibert.

Tim had more patience, perseverance and skill than me, and produced this cubist work very much in the Seibert style, though he didn’t have time to do as much as he would have liked with it.

Cubist1Here’s Tim working with some of his many tools, though he didn’t bring the full tool set this year.

Cubist2Extending the shape wall with trowel and spackling knife.

Cubist3New this year were some plastic-coated cards of various sizes to help make those sharp edges.

CubistFinalThe cubist structure as far as Tim got with it. Our company had to leave late this afternoon, and we’re sorry to see them go, we had a great time. That wraps up the sand sculptures and beach visitors for this summer! Until next year…

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