Shipping news, Moore print

All but the last 31 orders are packed and will go out Monday. Those remaining all came to me Wednesday afternoon, except for a few e-check payments that haven’t cleared yet. Remaining orders will go out Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when I get more shipping supplies in. I haven’t totalled them, but I think I will have shipped out about 420 orders in seven days. I can tell you that I hope to not have to look at a mailing tube for a while after this! But I will have news about further projects as soon as I can line those up and confirm them. You’ll read about them here first. This publishing thing shows promise…

One thought on “Shipping news, Moore print

  1. Jose

    It’s such a cool concept. I live in the Philippines and would not have been able to afford the print with its shipping, but when I get back to the Americas, I hope you have a new batch printed, because I would definitely like to buy it and place it on my wall.

    As for future projects, how about a text piece by Neil Gaiman or Chris Ware?

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