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I’ve been quiet about the status of my next signed print with partner J.H. Williams III because of unavoidable delays, but here’s what I know at the moment. The prints are finished except for J.H.’s signatures, and are with him for that. He’s very busy with regular work at the moment, though, and won’t have time to sign them until late next week at the earliest. Once I get the word he’s signed them and is sending them back, I have four blog posts I’ll be running about creating the print, and they’ll go up here one per day. And once the prints are back in my hands I’ll set the on-sale date, informing those on my Mailing List first, then blogging about it here and promoting it everywhere I can think of. The earliest I think it might go on sale is Monday, June 16, but we’ll see how things work out.


In other news, I’m nearly done hand-coloring a new batch of Lettering Sampler prints, so they’ll also be available when the new print is. (There were 20 until today when I dropped a brush full of red watercolor, now there are 19.)

And I’ve also done some updating to my website that will go live then, too. It’s easier to do that at the same time, so I can update all relevant print pages and other pages together.

So, despite the lack of news, things are happening behind the scenes. More info when I get it.

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