Signs of Spring

Things are popping up and greening up here as the new season approaches. This large purple crocus at the edge of our front yard has bloomed again this year, a rare survivor of hungry voles and squirrels.

On the butterfly bushes just in front of the house, new leaves are emerging, and two praying mantis egg cases like this one are waiting for the right moment to hatch. This is where we had several of them last year, including one that caught a hummingbird!

Sedum leaves are emerging from the bases of last year’s stalks, also right in front of the house.

(New Jersey Chorus Frog photo from the Perkiomen Watershed website)

On my daily walks I pass a wet area where hundreds of New Jersey Chorus Frogs are calling, what we used to call “spring peepers,” though that’s a slightly different frog. Here’s what they sound like recorded on my phone:

Chorus Frogs

I love that sound, reminds me of my childhood adventures catching tadpoles and bringing them home in a jar. Did any of those catches evolve completely into frogs and get released back into the ponds? I’m afraid I don’t remember!

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