That’s how old this blog is, which I began on this day in 2007. Since last year on this day, I’ve added 230,159 words, bringing the grand total to 2,132,509, though about 23,000 are unpublished, posts I’ve written but not yet released. To read all 4,378 posts would take about 140 hours, according to my word count app. This blog is one of my main occupations in the last few years, and I spend time working on it nearly every day. Mostly I research and write posts about comics history, with a focus on letterers, lettering, and logo design. I also do reviews of the books I read or reread. Having finished my Gaspar Saladino research and posts in January of this year, I decided to continue with research and articles on other letterers and logo designers, and I’m still doing that now. Readership has been climbing slowly but steadily, so I feel this work is worthwhile, and I appreciate those of you who visit my blog regularly. Thanks, and I’ll be back with a new article soon!

2 thoughts on “Sixteen

  1. Dan Guy

    I have really enjoyed reading this blog for the past many years. I don’t remember when I started but it has to have been at least a decade now. Your research into letterers and logo designers is so valuable and important!

    I am one of the 349 people currently reading your posts via your RSS feed in Feedly. I expect we all show up as a single visit from Feedly, so that’s another 348 you can add to your visitor count per post at least!

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