Snowy Owl in Cape May


There’s an unusually large number of Snowy Owls coming down from the Arctic tundra to northern North America this winter. Some come most years, but this year it’s a major irruption (the technical term). You can read more about that HERE. Birders, of course, all want to see those cool owls, and many non-birders enjoy seeing them, too. It’s the “Harry Potter” bird now, thanks to the books and movies. I’ve been hearing about them for many weeks, and today Ellen and I finally saw one in Cape May on the chimney of an apartment complex. Hope you’ll pardon me if I don’t say exactly where. There’s been some controversy about owls being harassed by people who want to get close to them, so exact whereabouts are being kept pretty quiet. If you’re in New Jersey, the best and most reliable place to see Snowy Owls is Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, a little north of Atlantic City. A birder I spoke to today saw three there yesterday.


This particular Owl has been seen at various places around Cape May recently. We had good looks at him (probably a young male), though much of the time his head was facing away from the sun — and us. We heard that earlier he had disappeared for a while, then reappeared with a gull he’d caught, and proceeded to eat, so this bird is having no problem surviving. A resident noted he can have all the gulls he wants!


That should make him pretty happy!

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