Snowy Weekend


A coastal winter storm, nearly the only kind that gives us large snowfalls, brought some our way Saturday. We didn’t mind, we had plenty to do inside.


I spent much of the day processing and packing signed print orders — here’s a batch of international ones ready to go to the post office Monday. Neil Gaiman posted about them on his blog and twitter, and orders surged! I’ve been getting about 5 a week this month, but after Neil’s mentions on Friday, over sixty orders came in, and are still coming. This brought considerable holiday cheer to our house! And many people ordered multiple items, always a good thing. Thanks, Neil, and thanks to all of you who ordered. I and my print partners, including Neil, are grateful.


Meanwhile, Ellen was making Christmas cookies. I helped with the decorating on these Gingerbread ones, while Ellen also made Mocha Nut and Rugelah. The last is seen at upper right, a new recipe she found, which didn’t work so well. The rolls of filled dough unrolled, and much of the fillings fell out. Oh well, can’t win them all. They taste good, anyway. Some of our favorite cookie recipes, including the Gingerbread can be found on THIS post from last year.


This morning, Sunday, the sun came out to turn our yard into a winter wonderland. There are some impressive icicles along the edge of the porch roof, in front of the fake electric-light ones. I shoveled the walk and out at the end of the driveway. We got 10 inches on my ruler, not enough to require shoveling the entire driveway, thankfully. I don’t think my back is up to it. Some years we get only an inch or two all winter, or even none at all.


Our American Holly trees look particularly festive under their snow.


The pond is nearly invisible.


And the feeders are getting lots of business. This thistle feeder has hardly been used since I put it up in early November, but now that all their native food is covered in snow, the goldfinches are back on it.

Ellen is making one more batch of cookies today, my favorite: Butterballs. Can’t wait to have some! Hope your weekend is good, too.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend

  1. susan

    Todd, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog entries for some time now, and I check in sporadically to see what you have to say. Besides the logo studies and other lettering talk, which I certainly find interesting, I’ve also enjoyed your comments on bird-watching, outside scenes, cooking, and now your cute little new kittens. Until today, I never saw a way to contact you or comment on anything.
    I doubt you remember me, but I am a longtime fan of yours and was thrilled to meet you at a big convention in Pennsylvania back in 1993, at which you gave me a copy of your lettering sampler, which I still have today, framed and autographed to me in my studio/office.
    I did a lot of lettering (by hand) back in the 90’s for publishers like NOW, Comico, Triumphant, Malibu, Caliber and others small guys, and even made a living off it for a few years before computer lettering came along and put me out of business. I never learned or wanted to letter by computer, feeling that it took the “handcraft” out of it, but clearly digital is the way of the future, so that was it for my fledgling career.
    I’m still a comics FAN, though, and you’re still the best in the biz, as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for being such an inspiration, and for sharing your studies on letterering and logo evolution.

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