SOLD OUT…nearly.

Print orders have continued to flow in all day, due to the power of Neil’s amazing blog. I processed about 20 orders this morning, 33 this evening, and have about 40 more to go, I think. I’ve just removed the BUY buttons from the sale page on my website for Neil’s print, as I believe I have only about 4 not sold, and I might have counted wrong. Thanks to everyone for your orders; Neil, Alan and I appreciate it! New printings will be done, but will not be ready for sale for a few months. I’ll keep you posted on this blog, or you can sign up for my mailing list HERE.

You can also email me if you want one of the few remaining unsold prints. Once all orders are filled, if any are left, I’ll sell those to email requesters in the order received.

There’s one other way to get Neil’s print. I have a small number I’ve held back to sell on ebay, one per week, until they run out. The number is fluid, as I may need some to replace prints lost or damaged in shipping, but it will be at least 10. The link to bid on the current one is always HERE.

Remaining regular orders should all be sent out by Thursday. Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “SOLD OUT…nearly.

  1. Chris Bissette

    Hi Todd,

    I got my ‘Before You Read This’ last week and absolutely love it! Now I just need to find a nice frame for it and it can take pride of place on my wall.

    I just wanted to say thanks for producing such a great piece – I can’t wait for the next printing of ‘Alphabets Of Desire’. I wish I’d ordered it at the same time as Neil’s print now!


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