Spider-Man, Obama and me (on TV!)


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This cover appeared on my TV in the news this morning. Ever since I heard that President-Elect Obama used to collect Spider-Man comics, I figured something like it was inevitable, and Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada made it happen. The news story is HERE.

Why did seeing it give me an odd shock? I did the cover lettering: the banner at lower right, which uses commercial fonts, and the small word balloon to Spidey:


which uses one of my own fonts created from my hand-lettering. Since DC Comics took all their cover lettering in-house a few years ago, I haven’t done much cover lettering, but AMAZING SPIDER-MAN editor Steve Wacker has been employing me in that capacity for about a year now. When he sent me this one, it was just another assignment, though one I enjoyed, as I’m an Obama supporter. I didn’t think about the possibility it might turn into a news story, but now it’s obvious. And it makes me happy, even though hardly anyone will ever know I worked on it…only you folks reading this.


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It’s always an odd feeling to see something I did show up in a wider venue. I think the last time was this Supergirl logo I designed in the 1980s showing up on a US postage stamp in 2006. Before that, the spiky Spider-Man logo I designed was always turning up unexpectedly, on toys, greeting cards, all sorts of things. It’s happened with other logos I’ve done occasionally, too. An odd feeling, but a good one.

8 thoughts on “Spider-Man, Obama and me (on TV!)

  1. Laura

    I have those stamps! Actually, looking at them again, it’s cool being able to have more context for many of these logos.

  2. Kurt Busiek

    I had a very, very small role in that SUPERGIRL cover as well.

    I was visiting DC, trying to break in, and Julie Schwartz was showing me around the office a little bit. He showed me the Production Department, where that cover was being worked on, and I pointed out that it said “First Electrifing Issue.” Not “electrifying,” “electrifing.”

    Julie jolted back a bit, saying, “What? It does?!

    I mentioned that the first issue of the then-recently-new SUPERBOY series had been bannered “First Electrifing Issue,” and this one had the same error.

    Julie said an impolite word, and flagged it to be fixed.

    As I recall, when originally lettered, it was in a very attractive cursive font, and when it was published it was as you see it here — not as pretty, but at least it’s spelled right!

    My first contribution to the Super-books, minor though it may be.


  3. Todd Post author

    Thanks, Kurt! That oval burst of cover lettering was by Gaspar Saladino, though I might have been the one who fixed it, being on staff at the time.

  4. Stephen Wacker

    Todd, I’m just thrilled anytime I spell “inauguration” correctly.

    Also keep in mind, Kurt’s the same guy that brought you
    “Kurt Busiek’s ASTROCITY”


  5. Chris Bissette

    I wondered if you would have had anything to do with it. It’s great that you get to be a part of history.

  6. jim

    Hey!! That’s pretty cool. I remember having a similar reaction the first time something of mine appeared on national television. Although it was used to promote a dud of a movie, Judge Dredd. On ET they showed interior artwork to one of the Judge Dredd comics I was drawing at the time. A pretty weird feeling to see one’s work show up in the public that way.

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