Splashing, Wrestling, Singing Kittens


I mentioned last week that our kittens seem to have an unusual interest in water. Here’s the evidence, Tigger sitting in the sopping-wet shower stall, with Leo about to join him. They still don’t like water droplets raining from above, but seem okay with water underfoot. One morning Ellen said Tigger came down for breakfast shaking large amounts of water off his feet.


Much of their play together involves wrestling, usually (but not always) initiated by Tigger. He leaps…


…he feints…


…and pounces!


Then they go into a clinch, somehow getting one of their toys between them.


Katie watches with interest, as long as they don’t try to get her involved. That will result in a growl, a hiss, and if that isn’t enough, a swat with her front paw.


Afterwards Leo looks a little frazzled…or maybe he’s just thinking about leaping on Tigger.

Leo is the most vocal of the two, often meowing or making small vocal comments on what he sees or is doing, while Tigger usually only does that when he wants attention, and then briefly. Leo is most vocal at dinner time, and keeps up a steady serenade to Ellen as she puts the cat food in the dishes. Here, see for yourself:


2 thoughts on “Splashing, Wrestling, Singing Kittens

  1. Stuart Moore

    Todd: Great pictures. We also have two young cats (almost two now), and an older black one. And the little guys love water. Bibi, who’s a little silverish tiger and the runt, runs right to the bathtub if there’s water in it, then tracks wet prints all over the house. Here’s a shot our housesitters took of her once.

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