Spring Signs


This is the post I write every year at this time, the first warm day in March when spring seems just around the corner, and I go out looking for signs of it. In fact, last year’s was also on March 10th, and included a picture of our lone Crocus, the only survivor of a dozen or more we planted soon after we moved here in 1989. Quite large and full of promise! Hope the squirrels don’t eat it this year, but they well might…


As for native flowers, this is one of the earliest, or perhaps THE earliest to emerge in our neighborhood. Looking very exotic, and only found in very wet areas, it’s Skunk Cabbage, a fascinating plant which you can read more about in the link. I just discovered that it creates its own heat, allowing it to emerge even through snow and ice. Yes, it does smell skunky especially if you should break the flowers or leaves, but I find it pretty all the same.


This one is emerging in the middle of a small stream, the leaves are well up, but will spread out quite a bit more. Obviously doesn’t mind being immersed!

The resident birds are singing, blackbirds are flocking and raiding our feeders. Woodpeckers are tapping on a hollow tree, declaring their territory. I heard a few chorus frogs last week, I bet they were singing today, though I didn’t go to their pond. Spring is definitely on the way!

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