Steve Rude and Todd Klein offer “Hope”

Image © Steve Rude and Todd Klein, all rights reserved. NOTE: I’ve replaced the image after finally noticing it was way too green. This is closer to the actual print.

I’m pleased to announce that my next signed print is a collaboration with famed artist Steve Rude, and the title is “Hope.” The art, beautifully painted by Steve in gray tones, depicts Pandora, the character from Greek myth.

Pandora has just opened a box she was not supposed to open, releasing a swarm of Troubles into the world. Last to emerge is the spirit of Hope. In text from the retelling of the myth by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hope says, “I was packed into the box to make amends to the human race for that swarm of ugly Troubles, which was destined to be let loose among them. Never fear! We shall do pretty well in spite of them all.”

The passage from Hawthorne, and part of a famous poem about Hope by Emily Dickinson, are lettered in graceful calligraphy by me at the top and bottom. I’ve printed 500 copies on 11 by 17-inch cream-colored card stock and hand-painted a pale yellow in the words “Hope” at the top and bottom of each print. Each is individually signed by Steve Rude and myself.

The prints will go on sale Wednesday, June 1st, on the BUY STUFF page of my website, at a price of $20 plus shipping. Note that the print won’t appear there until June 1st, so bookmark the page and return then! For this print I’ll be donating $2 for each print sold to the American Red Cross in an effort to offer a small amount of real hope to a few folks in need of it.

Previous prints in this alphabetical series in collaboration with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross, J.H. Williams III, Mark Buckingham and Bill Willingham are still available, along with other items you’ll find on the link above. Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to the print for the letter “G,” that one is still in the works, and will likely come out next.

I’ll be posting a detailed account of the creation of the print here on my blog over the next two days. “Hope” you like this one, and I look forward to hearing from you!

4 thoughts on “Steve Rude and Todd Klein offer “Hope”

  1. Doug

    Looking forward to it. I was wondering what happened to ‘G’ so I’m glad to hear it is in the works!

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