Stone Harbor Sand Castles

Ellen’s sister Ann and family were visiting all this past week, going to the beach at Stone Harbor every day. I was able to join them a few afternoons. One day we made sand castles/sculptures. This is the one that Ann and Ellen did, a traditional round tower with crenellations, windows, outer wall, moat, and bridge.

Here’s the other side. They used shells, gull feathers, and other found objects for decoration. Good job, ladies.

Ann’s husband Dave went for a sand sculpture, a sort of four-legged alien starfish, also decorated with shells.

Here’s the other side. Later, we decided it might be an alien starship, and I dubbed it the Starfish Enterprise.

My own effort was a tall square tower in several levels, ziggurat style, embellished with a few sand globes.

On the other side you can see the entrance arch and the beginning of the path leading up to the arched door above.

Here are all three together, in a shot which makes them seem gigantic compared to the distant person and rowboat. A fun project at the beach, and an ephemeral art we like to create.

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