Summer Daze

The first week of summer has hit our area with a blast of heat, carrying over from an almost equally hot last week of spring. A week ago we went to the beach for the first time, and the water was as warm as we often find it in August. We went again yesterday and it was colder, but still swimable. This is rare for here, we often don’t even try the water until July, and it’s rarely  comfortable for swimming before August.

At home, I’ve had to keep the flowers watered, with temperatures in the nineties most days. The last few Daylilies (above) are out, and will be gone soon.

Joining the squirrels foraging under the bird feeder in the back yard, we have a new neighbor, an ever so much cuter chipmunk. I haven’t gotten a good picture of him (or her) yet, or perhaps there are two, but I’ve only seen one at a time so far. We haven’t had any in our yard for a few years. The previous pair was probably taken by predators. Hope this one (or two) stay around, they’re entertaining…

…both to us and the kittens, though what Tigger and Leo really want to is to get their claws on a squirrel. (My least favorite yard animal, so I wouldn’t shed any tears if they did, but as the cats are kept inside, that won’t happen.) The boys spend long hours on the porch, watching and hoping, though.

We have one white Hydrangea, which is now in bloom, and attracting beetles.

Not sure if this is a beetle, but it probably is. The colorful wings bring Halloween to mind.

Out in the front garden, Purple Coneflowers are opening, they’ll attract lots of insects, too.

Also blooming are a few of these flowers, which we didn’t plant. They’re in the milkweed family I’m sure, but I don’t know the name. I’ll leave them alone, hoping they might attract Monarch butterflies.

Finally, at least two turtles are still around, visiting the compost pile daily, as shown, and taking a dip in the pond now and then. Sometimes a laconic turtle’s pace seems perfect for a blazing hot and humid summer day.

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