Summer, Solstice, Sale

First day of summer today, with the solstice coming at 8 PM this evening our time. I imagine they’ll be celebrating over in England at Stonehenge, among other places, as in THESE photos from last year.

Here it’s a beautifully clear sunny morning, with temperatures expected to be in the upper seventies for our day of maximum sun. The kind of day I find it hard to concentrate on work and keep wandering out into the yard.

I’m all set for today’s sale of “Before You Read This.” Shipping supplies and prints are laid out around the studio, online postage labels are by the printer, boxes of prepacked mailing tubes are here and there, boxes of unpacked tubes as well. It’s kind of a “first day of school” feeling. All urgent lettering work is finished and out of the way. The cats are fed, and so am I. Ready!

One thought on “Summer, Solstice, Sale

  1. James Shearhart

    There, done. Am I first? 🙂

    Also: When do we get a Warren Ellis/Todd Klein collaboration? Ellis loves doing little short-burst pieces of SF writing – I can see a small press book in the works already….

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