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Alphabets of Desire NEWS

AoD corner©Todd Klein and Alan Moore, all rights reserved.I just spoke to Alan, and he was very gratified to hear about the print selling out, but not entirely surprised. We discussed future plans, and Alan has agreed to sign a second printing of 500 copies. That will happen next year, and I’m estimating it will go on sale in early March, or possibly late February. The second printing will be marked so in small type after the copyright, and will probably be priced at $20 each. So if you’d like one, make your plans now, and keep watching this site for news.For those who desperately desire a first printing, I still plan to release a few on eBay, one per week, probably starting on December 15th. The one copy I put up last Monday (to help advertise the sale) is currently listed at $83, so be prepared. Note that half the profit from those eBay sales will also go to Alan.Once again, thanks to everyone for your swift and enthusiastic support of our project, and let me know if you’re happy with it (or if you’re not).


Alphabets of Desire print
© Alan Moore and Todd Klein

I’m proud to announce the publication of ALPHABETS OF DESIRE, an 11 by 17 inch print, with newly written text by Alan Moore, design and lettering by me. This is the secret project that I’ve been working on for the last few months, and it’s now on sale exclusively on this website HERE. How did it come to be? You’re about to read the complete story.

I launched my website and blog on July 3rd of this year, and as part of it I included some items for sale: two prints I produced in the 1990s, the book I co-authored on lettering and coloring, some original lettering on overlays, and two music CDs. The first week sales were brisk, and I made enough to recover most of my setup costs for the site, so I was very pleased. The second week sales were pretty good, the third week so-so. By the middle of August, they’d trailed off to almost none. Obviously the old stuff had reached everyone who wanted it. I began to think about producing something new to sell. But, what? Another Lettering Sampler? I’d done that, and a variation didn’t seem likely to be a big success. Then the thought came: what if I asked one of the writers I work with to write something for me to letter? Call in a favor, so to speak. The most obvious choices were Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore, but Neil is always so busy, and usually gallivanting around the globe on promotional or signing tours. Alan seemed like the one to approach first. He’s usually home, he usually answers the phone when I call him. The worst that could happen was that he’d say no.

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Incoming: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen BLACK DOSSIER

Black Dossier cover
©Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill.

Not a review, just letting you know it’s out, and I got my copies today. I can hardly believe it’s finally here…I started working on this book in May of 2004. There were lots of delays along the way, but it was essentially finished in late 2006, though there were continued corrections and tweaks until about two months ago when they FINALLY sent it out to the printer.

I’m quite pleased with the way it looks. I just had a chat with artist Kevin O’Neill, and he’s happy as well, barring a few minor layout things he wants changed if it’s printed again. But overall, we’re both relieved to finally have it in our hands. Alan hasn’t seen it yet, but will tomorrow, most likely. I think he’ll be pleased as well. Let me know what YOU think.