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Logo Study: TARZAN Part 2

All-Story magazine cover
This and all covers and logos ©Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. or their respective copyright owners.

Even before the popular series of Tarzan novels, the character first appeared in pulp magazines, beginning with this one from 1913. And there are elements of pulp covers that will lead us to the newspaper strip and the comics. Most pulps had hand-drawn logos and story titles, especially in the early years. It was a glorious era for hand-letterers I’m sure, though I have no idea of how well they were paid for their work. In many cases, cover artists did some or all of the lettering work themselves, in others it was probably handled by staffers at the pulp publishers. The style is not too far from some of the Tarzan book titles we looked at in part 1. Rounded serif fonts with long, curled swashes. Upper and lower case, as with the title of the first Tarzan novel. Not very evocative of the savage character of the Tarzan or the action-filled scene depicted, but still very appealing.

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