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Logo Study: TARZAN Part 1

Tarzan of the Apes 1st edition dust jacket
This and all covers and logos ©Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Tarzan first appeared in serialized form in 1912, and was first published in book form in 1914 in the title “Tarzan of the Apes,” and that’s where I’m beginning this logo study. What I’m really talking about at this early stage are not logos, though, but titles. The idea of a logo representing a fictional character wasn’t really thought of yet, at least not in the way we know it now. Above is the dust jacket of that first book cover, designed and illustrated by Fred J. Arting. Quite an attractive design to my eye, though his Tarzan in silhouette isn’t portrayed in a very heroic way, looking slouched and a bit paunchy. The title is quite nice, using a rounded-serif style of letters that I’m sure was popular at the time, and is still seen today, though more often on children’s books, I think. The design of the title and its placement is also attractive and creative, with “of the” slanted and in the orange sun circle, and “Apes” reversed out of the green foliage. An effective design using only a few solid colors.

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