Ten Years After

Today is the tenth anniversary of this blog and my website, which launched July 3rd, 2007. At times that seems like yesterday, at others it seems I’ve always been doing it.

According to a new plug-in I just installed, there are 3,202,106 words on the blog (until this post). I’m guessing that includes comments and every word everywhere, as it’s a lot larger number than the last time I checked a year ago with a different plug-in, but that one doesn’t seem to work now. There have been 3,117 posts by me (including this one), and 3,951 approved comments. (That leaves out any I didn’t approve, including about half a million spam ones.)

I will be attending Comic-Con International: San Diego this year from July 20 to 24, and will no doubt be blogging about it here. Work continues on my Ira Schnapp and Danny Crespi research when I have time. I’m still reading and reviewing books and comics, though less of the latter these days. No major new comics history articles are underway, but there’s always a chance of that at some point.

I have no particular insights into how things will go on the blog in the future. I’ve cut back my workload this year, but that hasn’t meant much more time spent on the blog, at least so far. Possibly in the winter months it might. I’m still enjoying being here and having this forum for my work and interests.

Thanks to you, the readers, for stopping by and joining in! I appreciate your attention and interest in this ever more distracting world. Wishing those of you in the U.S. a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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